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TOP 5 Essential Apps for Traveling in Korea

Updated: Mar 14

"What are the must-download apps when traveling to Korea?"

When planning a trip, what's the first thing you do? Decide on which cities to visit, book your flight and accommodations? Perhaps, the next step is to decide what to wear and go shopping if needed. However, you've missed an important part of the process! That is, not listing up the 'essential applications' to download.

Today, I want to introduce a few essential applications for those who are visiting Korea for the first time, or for those who have just arrived in Korea and want to enjoy it more deeply and comfortably. Rest assured, all these apps have been personally tested by the editor over a long period and are verified.


1. Translation - Papago

A translation app. Whether you're going to a restaurant, taking a taxi, or even if you've lost your way, the Papago translation app is essential for communicating with locals.

Unlike Google Translate, it incorporates more AI features, allowing for more natural context-based translation requests. However, it's slightly slower in response time than Google Translate, which is a downside. Nevertheless, its functionality is free, and it supports voice recognition, which is a plus.

Download Papago

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2. Taxi - TABA

I'd like to recommend the 'TABA Taxi' app.

Until now, there hasn't been a taxi app developed for foreign visitors in Korea, causing many inconveniences for travelers.

The biggest issues were the lack of support for foreign languages within the app and the requirement for a Korean phone number or credit card.

However, TABA Taxi supports multiple language modes, allowing use without linguistic barriers, and payments can be made without a Korean phone number or credit card.

Moreover, developed with the support of the Seoul city government, this taxi app ensures user safety, making it an unparalleled choice!

Its greatest advantage is the travel destination recommendation feature.

If you lack information about local attractions, TABA Taxi allows you to roam Seoul freely and conveniently, visiting popular tourist spots at your leisure.

Download TABA

3. Maps - Naver Maps

You can't fully enjoy your trip to Korea with just Google Maps. If you want to visit popular local restaurants or cafes, I strongly recommend downloading the Naver Maps app.

Koreans, including the writer of this article, use Naver Maps several times a day. The maps provide friendly guidance to your destination, not missing a single narrow alleyway.

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Download Naver Maps

4. Food Delivery - Shuttle Delivery

This is an app that allows users to sign up and order delivery food without needing a Korean phone number or card. It's a company that facilitates food delivery in both Korean and English between restaurants in Seoul and their international customers.

Not only does it offer food delivery services, but it also provides grocery shopping services. A major advantage of this app is the convenience it offers to enjoy popular local eateries as well as Seoul's gourmet spots favored by foreign tourists, all from the comfort of their accommodation.

Download Shuttle Delivery

5. Accomodation: Airbnb

As a globally renowned accommodation booking app, many hosts in Korea are offering high-quality lodging services. Especially among Koreans, the trend of 'Airbnb's unique emotional accommodation' has once been popular.

Image source: [TABA]

The phrase 'Airbnb vibe' became as trendy as if it was a newly coined term. Although there are many hotels and motels in Korea, if you are interested in the 'inherent house style of Korea' and want to experience it, I recommend using Airbnb. There are many beautiful accommodations equipped with modern systems in the style of 'Hanok,' traditional Korean houses.

Image source: [TABA]

Download Airbnb


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